Bird Deterrent Solutions

There are many risks associated with bird roosting and their droppings. These include disease transfer, respiratory issues and slip hazards. It is the sole responsibility of the property or landowner to ensure bird deterrent solutions are in place on the property. It is also their responsibility to keep the property free of bird droppings and other bird mess for the sake of public health and safety. describes many of the risks associated with pigeon droppings and roosting.

"EPIDEMIOLOGY: Transmission of disease from birds to humans occurs mainly through inhalation of airborne particles from respiratory secretions, dried faeces or feather dust. Oral infection and handling of infected birds’ plumage and tissues are alternative routes."

Our surveyors will visit your property and recommend the best course of action to humanely deter birds from your building, addressing the root of the problem. In some cases the birds and nests may be removed in accordance with current legislation.

Bird Roosting Prevention

A wide variety of humane bird deterrents are available and our skilled technicians can install at any height.

  • Bird spikes
  • Netting
  • All-away gel pots
  • Void protection
  • Posts & wire
  • Solar panel protection

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