Industrial Jet Washing

High power industrial jet washing is a fast and effective solution recommended for:

  • Shopping mall exteriors
  • Town centre open areas
  • Building facades
  • Signs & shop fronts
  • Statues & other stone structures
  • Communal gardens
  • Balconies
  • Quay and riverside walkways
  • Outdoor eateries
  • Large outdoor foyers
  • Outdoor atriums
  • Decked areas
  • Paved & tiled walkways and walls
  • Garage doors
  • Window frames

Restore your outdoor areas to their former glory!

Our teams specialise in the cleaning and restoration of all outdoor areas including expensive brickwork.
Tiled, paved and bricked areas areas are prone to build up of grime and dirt, particularly on the grout/ cement. Keep them spotless with regular cleans and a protective finish.

Our industrial jet washing and finishing services are ideal for outdoor structures and areas with limestone, bricks and ornate tiles!

Outdoor areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to remove bird droppings, chewing gum and other dirt build ups.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Indoor hard floors can be cleaned and polished without the need for a jet washer. We use specialised equipment for a perfect finish without the mess.

  • Shopping centres
  • Schools & universities
  • Hospitals
  • Office suites
  • All indoor hard floors

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